WordPress Theme Development

WordPress Theme Development

WordPress is the most popular Content management system (CMS) now a days. By the end of the WordPress course student will have a clear idea about WordPress and student can build complex theme and basic plugin and develop dynamic website with WordPress as well as they will learn how to earn money form freelancing marketplace with their skill. This is the best and most hours spend wordpress training course in Bangladesh.

Course Outline :

Section 1

Topics: Setting Up the Local Server

  • Installing  XAMPP

Topics: Installing WordPress

  • Creating a Database
  • Installing WordPress
  • Creating a wp-config.php File

Topics: Installing Themes

  • Downloading a Theme from the WordPress Dashboard
  • Manually Installing a Theme

Topics: Creating a Child Theme

  • Importing Style Sheets
  • Adding Custom Header with Theme Name, Author, etc.

Topics: Modifying a Theme

  • Adding a Header Graphic
  • Customizing Links
  • Changing the Background

Section 2

Topics:  Setting Up a WordPress Site

  • Installing WordPress.org Files
  • Creating a Database

Topics: Starting the MRP Theme

  • Setting Up the Theme
  • Creating Index.php
  • Swapping Static HTML for Dynamic PHP

Topics: The WordPress Loop

  • Displaying Posts
  • Adding/Customizing Posts

Topics: Continuing with the Loop

  • Displaying Post Time & Tags
  • Displaying Comments
  • Page Navigation
  • Fallback Content

Section 3

Topics: Splitting the Page into Templates

  • Creating Header, Footer, and Sidebar Templates
  • Adding Header and Footer Functions

Topics:   Creating a Page for Single Posts

  • Making the Post Template
  • Adding a Comment Form
  • Customizing the Comments’ CSS

Topics: Creating Pages

  • Creating the Page Template
  • Adding the Title
  • Adding New Pages
  • Inserting Images

Topics: Customizing the Nav Menu

  • Creating functions.php
  • Creating the Menu
  • Customizing the Menu Order

Section 4

Topics: Customizing the Sidebar

  • Registering New Sidebars
  • Adding Widgets to Sidebars
  • Installing an Image Widget

Topics: Creating a Custom Page Template

  • Creating a Custom Template
  • Creating a Custom Query in the Loop

Topics: Adding a Contact Form

  • Installing the Contact Form 7 Plug-in
  • Adding the Form to a Page

 Topics: Uploading a WordPress Site

  • Exporting a Database
  • Modifying the SQL to Use Appropriate Absolute URLs
  • Uploading WordPress
  • Importing a Database

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